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Water is one of the essential aspects of life. Without it, we humans could not live. With water being so important, it means using it for everyday life tasks such as drinking, cleaning, bathing, etc. It can also be extremely disruptive. A flooding experience can damage your home or business in ways much more than getting valuable items wet.

When a flood has happened or any sort of water damage, the timetable for the recovery can take time. Getting organized will help in the long run of the process. Putting together lists and photos of what has been ruined or structurally damaged.

Below are 4 steps once a flood has happened to be aware of.

  1. Safety- Turn off power and gas, be aware of contaminated waters and have protective clothing

  2. Call your insurance company

  3. Collect nondamaged property

  4. If small, dry out the affected area and if big call a water damage restoration company

Blue River Restoration‘s experts in water damage restoration. Our employees are educated trained and licensed to bring your home back to the way it was.

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