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Renting a property or being a landlord can be a good source of income, but also extremely stressful. Blue River Restoration has a few tips to help with being a landlord or property manager but also flood tips to help minimize chances of them happening. Having steps in place and communication is key. Open communication with the renters can save you a lot of headaches later on.

With the tenants living on the property, they likely will notice the damages first. Keeping the open line of communication with the renters is a major key and can save your property from major water damage using these flood tips.

Being able to perform regular maintenance checks on the units will also potentially help with avoiding major water damages.  Staying up to date with the equipment and making sure it is working correctly will affect future problems happening.

The ability to do small and basic water damage/repair work can help cut down on cost. This will also help with the turnaround time for the issues by getting the problem fixed faster. Waiting and paying for a handyman to fix the problem when you can get it done yourself is extremely helpful.

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