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How Property Managers Handle Water Damage Disasters

Wise property managers will know that a water damage restoration project can be a disaster. When a rental property has water damage, depending on how big the water damage is, this could end in having to move the tenants out to repair or work around there things which could mean displaced tenants and loss of revenue. If there is improper water damage cleaning that can cause further reaching implications such as permanent structural damage and microbial growth that will haunt the property for years if not resolved quickly and professionally. Maintaining the integrity and value of a property is the game that property managers must win daily even when faced with a water damage disaster that might result from a flood, burst pipes, or appliance failures. When a water damage occurs, property managers are suddenly faced with many choices and responses. Unhappy tenants, reporting to the financially responsible parties, securing a fast cleanup, assessing and repairing the source of the water damage.

Being in the Midwest means weather can change in a heartbeat throughout the year. This means being able to control and protect your property from any element that can cause disaster. One of the main ones is water damage. Water can cause damage in several ways such as a pipe burst, flooded basement but there are a number of unrelated causes of water damage property owners still have to account for, including leaking roofs, damaged pipes, malfunctioning sprinklers and flooding dishwashers, to name a few more.

Within 24-48 hours of water damage, mold and mildew will begin to grow and develop. Once it is present it will continue to spread until steps are taken to eliminate the source of the moisture. Within two hours of receiving your call, Blue River Restorations water damage restoration experts will arrive on the scene to evaluate the damage and develop a plan to properly dry, clean and repair the property to reduce further damage.

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