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A burst water pipe in your home will cause damage eventually, depending on the location and severity of the pipe damage. Whether large or small, a burst pipe and resulting water will damage your walls, floors or belongings until the water is shut off and drained from flooded areas. Meaning that a burst pipe is the last thing anyone wants to tackle. But there are some quick temporary fixes you can do to slow the impact of a burst pipe. Depending off if the burst was caused rust, hard water, poor installation or pressure, many times pipe bursts takes place inside walls where it can go undetected for days or even weeks.

Once a pipe burst, the first thing you want to do is turn off the water if you can access it. Always be cautious that any standing water could have electricity running through it. Once the water is turned off, you want a few faucets to relieve the pressure from the pipes. Unless you feel comfortable trying to repair a broken pipe on your own, you’re probably going to need a plumber at some point. You can, however, do several things before calling the plumber that will help reduce the impact of a broken pipe. Now shut off your water boiler and heating system and release all the water from your hot taps. If your pipe burst or froze from cold weather, let some warm air in. After draining the remaining water from your taps, you might want to turn the heat back on and hike up the thermostat, or simply train a hair dryer on the pipe in question. At the very least, do your pipes a solid and open up the cabinet doors where they live to let the warm air circulate. If you’re lucky enough to know where your leak is coming from, start mopping up excess water to prevent mold and mildew. But before you get everything back to its perfect, pre-burst condition…

Smaller projects can be a DIY and be very manageable. The bigger the water damage, the more your friends at Blue River Restoration can help to make sure your home or business is back to its pre-loss conditions.

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