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Along with Blue River Restoration’s 3 Fall Prep Tips for your Property,  we are bringing you a few more fall prep tips now that the season is here. Cleaning gutters/downspouts are something that should be kept up on all year long but especially in the fall. Also raking your leaves is a big part of cleaning to making sure your yard is ready for the spring.

When cleaning out gutters/downspouts, this process requires cleaning out the gutters by hand then washing them out with water. Either having a bag up on the ladder with you or just throwing the debris on the ground then cleaning it up that way, either way, works.  Unclogging the downspouts, you can use an auger and push or pull the barrier to free the water’s way. As you go through this process, flush some more water down the tube to guarantee that you’ve successfully unclogged the downspouts. Keeping up on both of these tasks will help from having only done it 1 time a  year.

Another part of more fall prep tips is raking up the fallen leaves. Depending on the size of your yard, taking care of raking your whole lawn in one day can seem very overwhelming (not to mention, tiring), especially when you consider you need to perform this job regularly. Performing this task can be done a few different ways, some people prefer to rake into piles then bagging them, some will burn the piles. Others have the ability to use a mower with a leaf vacuum. Both options work well.  Removing the dead leaves from the ground will help your yard look good in the fall and then in the spring with the leaves not sitting under the snow all winter.

The last piece of advice for the fall is if you have a garden. Gardens can be a huge part of somebody’s life for how they get their food or just a place to escape their busy lives. Winterizing a garden works under the following steps:

  1. Know your USDA Zone.

  2. Chop, clip, cut and clean.

  3. Remove invasives.

  4. Divide perennials.

  5. Give the bulbs some love.

  6. Baby the beds.

  7. Spread mulch.

  8. Hydrate evergreens.

  9. Protect bark on young trees.

  10. Create windbreaks.

  11. Saving the shrubs.

  12. Water features.

  13. Fresh veggies.

Other tips are to winterize the parts of your property that could get damaged from cold weather such as barns, sheds, shelters, pool, pond, boats, RVs, or anything that either may not get used a ton during the colder months or that may not be sealed 100% or does not have electric. Blue River Restoration’s more fall prep tips hopefully will help you reduce the chance of major issues happening.

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