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Over the weekend (May 4-6), Blue River Restoration was called for a broken pipe in an Indianapolis Historic Building at 3001 N. New Jersey Street. Blue River Restoration was able to emergency dispatch onto the site Friday night. When they arrived at the site, the water had been running for 4 hours and immediately was able to save major items that would not be replaceable in this historic building. The importance of projects like these is extremely difficult to replace, meaning that saving original work and true lumber is crucial.  Our team was able to remediate 100% of the original true lumber including walls, flooring, plaster, and trimming in the damaged and affected areas.  This success was huge because of Blue River Restoration’s timing and being able to dry the true lumber in place. These efforts resulted in saving the building from $500,000 worth of property damage and unreplaceable aspects of these types of projects.  The water damage did not cause any structural damage.

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