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Spring Flooding

April Showers brings May Flowers. Floods are unpredictable and destructive, and they can happen in regions that have never seen rain. Sometimes it comes down to the way the area around your home or building is shaped or changed more then the amount of rain. The potential for widespread flooding remains high this spring as the amount of precipitation expected along with the constant weather changing. The wet winter isn’t the only contributor to the expansive flood risk.

Here are 3 tips from Blue River Restoration to help with Spring Flooding:

1) Always expect a flood to happen. Be able to have the ability to survive a flood when and if one happens. Make sure everybody knows the plan and have supplies put up.

2) Occasionally check the area around the property. Checking for changes in slopes, mole holes/tunnels or anything unexpected that could lead to water coming towards the structure. When it rains. it helps to put proper clothing and go in to the rain to see how the water is moving once on the ground. Knowing this can help prevent future flooding.

3) Monitor any local radio or weather for any warnings and watches. Having a knowledge of what is going on and how bad it can get, can help with flooding when it comes boarding up windows or raising furniture. There is a lot that can do to be able prepare and prevent less damage.

When it comes to flooding, mass amounts of water can be dangerous, safety is number one key.

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