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What Is Storm Damage Restoration?

Living in the Midwest means living in the possibility of seeing any of the 4 seasons pretty much anytime of the year. With weather change like that means storms. An unexpected tornado, hailstorm, or thunderstorm can cause devastation for miles. Some storm damage can lead to severe property damage, including flooding and wind damage. A severe storm can be frightening and downright dangerous.

Between any of the 3 main types of storm damage (tornado, hailstorm, or thunderstorm), home and property owners will have something to worry about any time a storm develops. Majority of the time, these storms are basic and cause simple damage but it is the rare, strong cases that cause the damage. Safety must and should be your first and most significant priority.

Winter Storm Damage – Every year, winter storms tear through quiet neighborhoods and leave behind an absolute mess. When it comes to blizzards and hailstorms, structural and roofing damage tends to be the biggest causes of concern. These winter storms are often accompanied by high-speed wind and ice, both of which can exacerbate the issues at hand.

Hail Damage – Hailstones can be up to 5+ inches in diameter. Because of the size that hail can get up to, this is why hail is taken so seriously. Factors such as wind, size, what materials the property is made of if there are any barriers and density add up to how much damage hail can do. Hail has the ability to just splatter or even crack windows. After a hail storm, checking around your property is a good idea. Often it depends on the materials such as shingle surfaces being damaged or a type of metal with dents.

Flood Damage – Flooding by natural causes or something breaking like a pipe can disrupt your home or business. Blue River Restoration understands time frames and knows that the job needs to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Majority of the time with a flood or water leak in a business, the company still needs to be open during business hours. Work does not just go away because of a flood.

When a major storm can occur at any time, you need a local restoration company that is always ready. Blue River Restoration is ready to help with any Storm Damage.

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